1. Go to this link https://search.google.com/search-console
  2. If you see a welcome screen, this means you have no website in your account. Let us know and we'll set it all up for you, adding you as the owner.
  3. If you see your website in the list, great, you already have access and webmaster tools set up, you just need to add us.
  4. Click your website domain.
  5. On the left hand menu scroll down to settings at the bottom.
  6. On the settings page click Users & Permissions.
  7. On this page you should see your name, ideally you should be permission level 'Owner'.
  8. In the top right click the Add User button.
  9. Add alex@alloymarketing.co.uk with permission level Full.
  10. If you have other variations of your domain name in search console, click in the top left, under Google Search Console to see a list of domains or variations of your domain that you control.
  11. Please repeat the steps 4-9 above to add us to each of these website variations.
  12. Some people have a single domain, others have different variations, e.g. with www. and without www.